AWRN Academic Conferences - before 2014

AWRN Academic Conferences


2004.05 Tokyo meeting: WTO Symposium and establishment of ARWN

2004.12 Shanghai meeting: Trade in services

2005.04 Seoul Meeting: FTA/RTA in Asia

2005.10 Tokyo meeting: FTA in Asia and regional integration in APEC

2006.05 Taipei meeting: DDA after Hong Kong Ministerial Conference

2006.11 Bangkok meeting: WTO at the crossroad

2007.04 Kuala Lumpur meeting: Sustainable development

2007.11 Macao meeting: Making WTO & DDA work for small economies

2008.05 Shanghai meeting: The multilateral trade system and FTAs in East Asia

2008.10 Singapore meeting: The WTO in Difficult Times, New Challenges and New Prospects

2009.05 Taipei meeting: Future of the WTO

2009.10 Koh Samui Meeting: The Challenging issues under the WTO

2010.05 Seoul meeting: FTA policies and strategies

2010.11 Hong Kong Meeting: Trade, Investment, Environment and the East Asian Community

2011.11 Shanghai Meeting: China's Accession to WTO and Asia

2012.09 Thai Pattaya meeting: ASEAN Economic Community and Its External Economic Relations

2013.06 Taipei meeting: Asia's Plurilateral Trade Agreements: TPP, ASEAN and Beyond

2014.06 Re-invigorating a momentum for WTO negotiations after Bali Conference and Strengthening the Governance of International Trade