2020.12 Web Conference

The AWRN 2020 Web Conference was held on November 21st and 28th.    The themes of the conference were: Post-Trump W...<More>

2019.07 AWRN Retreat in Japan

2019 AWRN Retreat   □Purpose of the Retreat Exchanging views among the members of the AWRN on the pressing issues of W...<More>

2018.08 AWRN and CIBEL joint conference in Sydney

2018  AWRN-CIBEL JOINT CONFERENCE in Sydney     □The conference theme: WTO, International economic law ...<More>

2017.06  AWRN Annual Conference in Xitou

the 2017 Annual Meeting of Asia WTO Research Network  June 4-7, 2017    □Program -Session 1: How to preserv...<More>

2016.05 AWRN & CUHK Law joint conference in Hong Kong

Asia WTO Research Network (AWRN) and the Centre for Financial Regulation and Economic Development (CUHK Law) co-hosted the annua...<More>

2015.07 AWRN, ANZSIL-IELG and AIELN joint conference in Bali

2015 AWRN Annual Conference was jointly held with the 4th Biennial Conference of Asian IEL Network (AIELN) and the Annual Confer...<More>

AWRN Academic Conferences - before 2014

The list of the previous AWRN academic conferences that were held from 2004 to 2014 and relevant information thereof. <More>