AWRN 2021 web meeting to be held on 20th and 27th November 2021

AWRN members decided to hold an AWRN 2021 meeting on the web, as follows:
1) Timing of the meeting
     Two 2- to 3-hour sessions on 20 and 27 of November 2021

2) Theme(s)

  November 20th (Sat.)
     Roundtable on “Climate Change and WTO Law”
      ・Mitsuo Matsushita, “Carbon Tax and Border Adjustment Measures under WTO Law”
      ・R.V. Anuradha, “Trade, Climate Change and Sustainable Development”
     AWRN 2020 Business Meeting

  November 27th (Sat.)
      ・Fernando Dias Simoes, “Investment Arbitration and Professional Regulation”
      ・Heng Wang, “Central Bank Digital Currency and Trade”
      ・Ma. Joy Abrenica, “Food Export Restrictions in the Times of COVID”
      ・Haniff Ahamat & Bani Adam, “Environmental Export Restrictions of Raw Minerals under WTO Law”

3) Software for the meeting


4)  Agenda


For the details of the meeting, please contact Junji Nakagawa.